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Kia ora Bob, Caught up finally on your last couple of posts. I made some time but even then found my eyes flicking over the statistics, scrolling down too fast. Its too easy to pretend not to see or think you have read all this before somewhere. I see where you are coming from with the last couple of posts, but tend to be more hopeful about the effects of the credit crisis. The developing world tends to use a real cash economy просто знакомства than all the debt and equity that the rest of us are tied up in. For them inflation was the big issue when everyone was spending too much, now might not the commoditys prices come down? But then I might be a dreamer. Indonesia is a young country with little cultural capital to spare on humanity. But then again трансвеститы знакомства в курске you say there are good humans everywhere doing the best and thats all we can do aye? Kia ora Bob, I too had to return here a few different times to finally NOT flick over the stats and figures and really try to read them, absorb them, and understand what they mean. It is almost as if we out here in the world of privilege are not unlike in ways like the countless Jewish people on the way to the gas chambers. Up until the last second the Germans kept a well orchestrated charade of deception, knowing it was fueled by the "will to not believe what was really happening".

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