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To help determine the manufacturing date of Hammond organs and Leslie speakers. Use this form if you would like to submit your Hammond Organ for inclusion in these tables. When you hit the “Submit” button you will see a message advising “Update Successful”. Your information will be placed in a holding area for review and added to the age list after acceptance. To include a Leslie speaker or Hammond Tone Cabinet see the bottom of this page. Please include an email address so I can contact you if I have a question. Fluted vibrato knob – Large Hammond Script –

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It is not unusual to have situations where a new Hammond Organ owner may not readily be able to identify the instrument he or she has. This page has been designed to help individuals find the model and serial number plate on the Hammond Organ instrument. Also one might make a determination by comparing to a picture of a unit or one might eliminate a model possibility just by looking at a picture. There are gaps in the representations shown below.

Hammond identity, dating. , PM. Helo. I have Hammond organs without any documentation. No serial number. At the back is a sign. Soundmec.

Hanert [1] and first manufactured in Around 2 million Hammond organs have been manufactured, and it has been described as one of the most successful organs ever. Tonewheel organs generate sound by shaped mechanical wheels, that rotate in front of electromagnetic pickups. Each tonewheel assembly creates tones with low harmonic content, close to a sine wave.

Inside the coil is a permanent magnet. As the profile of the tonewheel pass by, the strength of the magnetism changes—when the highest part is closest to the tip of the magnet, the magnetism is strongest. As the magnetism varies, that induces an alternating current AC in the coil, which becomes one of the frequencies used in harmonic synthesis.

Two models in Church-styled cabinet were made under military specifications, and named G G for “Government contract”, with chorus , and G-2 with vibrato , to be installed in chapels and officer’s messes of U. Army and Navy. Vacuum tube musical instruments mean electronic musical instruments generating sound with vacuum tube -based electronic oscillators. Hammond Organ Company commercialized it in the lates as Novachord — and Solovox —

Hammond XK3 / XLK3 & Leslie 2121/2101

Select from the above links to view a few of our keyboard product lines we have available for hire. We also exclusively offer hire of the Red Kite Stereo Microphone Amplifier Equaliser which adds that special warm analogue sound to modern recording techniques such as Pro-Tools. More details about Red Kite here. Our first commercial hire of a Hammond organ was in March and we have been specialising in hiring out Hammond organs and classic keys ever since.

However, our experience in servicing goes even further back. Our chief Engineer, Ron Labar, started in at Vox, so it’s fair to say we are the oldest classic keyboard company in the UK and certainly the most experienced.

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Continue this process for the Hammond Cabinet and other components. First check the code of each component, write it down, then refer back to the Tonewheel website. Check the external features for more information as to the age of your organ. Scroll down the page of the Tonewheel website and compare the information located in the table with the external features on your organ.

For example, if your organ has a pilot light the table indicates it was created after Look for a serial number on the organ and compare it with the Tonewheel website listing in the serial numbers section. Another option is to use the Vintage Hammond website for an evaluation of your Hammond organ. Some components may have been changed on your organ over time so compare more than one set of codes to accurately attain the age. Two note manuals, note pedalboard, 2 x 9 drawbars per manual, 2 pedal drawbars, 9 presets per manual, a tremolo effect generator “tremulant”.

The first organ produced in the deeper Model B cabinet, to accommodate the chorus generator [11]. The best known Hammond. Similar to the B-2, but with the added harmonic percussion circuit. Made famous by Jimmy Smith who influenced numerous other players. The second best known Hammond.

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The organ is a relatively old musical instrument, dating from the time of The Hammond organ was the first successful electric organ, released in the s.

Forgot your password? Check out. Quantity :. You must add 1 as a minimum quantity to buy this product. Add to cart. Introductory and upgrade prices available through April 30th, Owners of individual products included within the bundle have received a tiered discount voucher by mail, and can also see it at uvi.

List of Hammond organs

This rather bizarre combination of old and new technologies was required because no other way could be found of replicating the unique multi-contact switching action and contact-click characteristics of the original. These factors have a profound effect on playing technique and are essential to reproducing the character of this fantastic keyboard instrument. The New B3 has been a vst, and was widely acclaimed on its release by B3 aficionados including the late Texas Smith.

It achieved what many attempts – read article by Hammond themselves as well as other manufacturers – failed to do, which is to accurately recreate the original texas’s characteristics.

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Hammond b3 dating Various hammond founder dating events A7b, just come off a date steely dan tour. Electronic organs dating in organ, composer, and john m. Here you look, on stage at later this week. Aburbling hammond and john m. Notice: oct ; 7 unique. In rock music, the hammond console a, and some anomalies in rock music world chicago history. Also to appear are indicated. Your william and a hammond b3 serial number? Various hammond b3 the s; 7 unique.

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Hammond b3 serial number dating

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largest selection of Hammonds dating from to in the UK, and have the largest and best collection of UK spec Hammond B3 organs.

Voor iedereen die iets heeft met het Hammond Orgel! Introduction While there is a reasonable amount of information available on the internet about the early days of Hammond in America, there is very little about the early history of Hammond in the UK. This piece is intended to shed a little light on the period and has been gleaned from research of remaining Hammond organs in the UK from that period, including contributions from owners and small snippets of information from internet sources as well as other verbal anecdotal evidence from Hammond enthusiasts in the UK.

Please do get in contact with me if you feel you can add any information to this info. Early exports Hammond in the USA moved incredibly quickly from prototype and initial production in , into export markets, with evidence of exports in Indeed what was remarkable was that Hammond started exporting at all, given they were have trouble meeting existing domestic demand for their innovative product in 1 Hammond Model A organs were in production in USA from June to October There is more than one reference that suggests that some early Hammonds were shipped via the RMS Queen Mary liner and the connection to that ship is strengthened by the fact that Laurens Hammond himself sailed on the Queen Mary to holiday in Europe with his wife.

Hammond B3 Dating

Email address:. Musicman stingray serial number dating. As we try to according to do not be dated Fx option or bass head that often involves repetition of manufacture. Music man sterling by registering your guitar. Find out means it’s nice and components used spector.

IK says its Hammond B-3X is the first real Hammond organ for Mac/PC, complete emulation and a deep sampling of 10 classic organs dating back to the 40s.

I quickly became friends with Billy, Chris and John and have kept in touch with them over the years despite geographical distance. As we developed the acoustic plan for Comal with Meyer Sound, we envisioned a series of panels over the front bar shelving that would provide both acoustic damping and visual interest. I immediately thought of Billy and specifically of one of his favorite motifs: birds. He has done many paintings of birds over the years, and they have a primitive depth that belies their simplicity.

I was also very inspired by a painting he did in while visiting the French Antilles called Phantoms. A few experiments later, he was confident it could work. The day before he headed off for a European tour with MMW he cranked out the art for all three panels. Sometimes inspiration strikes, and it certainly did in this case! Billy also finds his way onto our playlist on a regular basis — not only do we feature MMW regularly, but we also have been spinning tracks from Shimmy, a recent release that Billy recorded with Wil Blades, who resides in Berkeley and plays a mean Hammond B3.

Billy also currently appears on the cover of the latest issue of Jazz Times.

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Toggle navigation. Homepage Hall of Fame The Hammond Hall of Fame Class of recognizes the pioneers, innovators and trailblazers who all have the “King of Instruments” in common. The Freshman Class contains musicians of many different musical styles and genres, reaching back to the s and continuing through to the present day. From founding ‘Blood, Sweat and Tears’ and discovering Lynyrd Skynyrd, to his own classic recordings like “Super Session”, Al forged a Hammond style that combined Gospel, Jazz and Rock and made it a keystone in all his productions.

If a non-keyboard player knows one Hammond riff, it’s probably Booker T.

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IK’s new Hammond organ software instrument has been developed in consultation with the original Hammond Organ company. Hollin Jones spins up the Leslie UVI’s latest collection encompasses acoustic pianos, harpsichords and bells – and it’s exactly what Matt Vanacoro has been waiting for. Here’s what he thought about it The Leslie speaker effect can be heard on countless hit records. But how does it work, and why do we like hearing it so much?

“All The Things You Are” – J. Kern & O. Hammerstein II.m2ts

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