Where Are They Now: the Cast of ‘Boy Meets World’

The nostalgia quotient of the cast reunion that took place in March at the Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle was off the charts. Do Cons. Savage also posted a photo of himself with Mr. Feeny, er, Daniels, writing, “Always my teacher and friend,” the actor wrote. Matthews started off the series as your average adolescent sports-loving, prioritizing friends-over-studying C-student, fans grew up with Cory and watched him become a loyal man with a kind heart. She also taught us that vanity is not a trait worth having remember when she cut off those gorgeous locks to make a point?! She also went back to college at 27 and earned her degree in , proof it’s never a bad time to check off items on the to-do list.

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Fun fact: I forget where I actually read this, but it was a pretty reputable source I think, this is actually the shortest episode of the show by far. Probably because you can only do so much with such a bizarre premise. I didn’t notice that, but you’re right.

What was ’90s television without Boy Meets World? yet the show remains a favorite—enough so that the Disney Channel Boy Meets World has been McGee’s biggest role to date amidst other gigs in made-for-TV movies.

The Boy Meets World cast is coming. Office cast members to bring a little Scranton to Calgary Expo. Hobbits to journey to Canada for 15th annual Calgary Expo. Arrest made after rollover crash. Drunk driving victim speaks in court. Hookah bars set to reopen. Kenney shuffles cabinet, embattled health minister stays. Students pose potential risk to elderly relatives.

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Skip to Content. Characters learn and demonstrate self-control and perseverance. As Cory and Topanga’s relationship continues, sexual discussions take place, but still in a family-friendly format. Parents and caregivers: Set limits for violence and more with Plus.

Boy Meets World. Adolescent Cory Matthews grows up, and faces problems with friends, family, and school. Release Date:

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Apart from in Girl Meets World, obviously. Boy Meets World In fact, it’s been so long since the show ended that Cory and Bonus fact: she dated N Sync’s Lance Bass in , and he was her date to her high-school prom.

Subscriber Account active since. As the show progressed, fans watched Cory go to high school and later attend Pennbrook University with his friends. Over the course of seven seasons, he got into mischief with best friend Shawn Rider Strong , learned valuable life lessons from teacher Mr. In addition to acting on the sitcom, Savage also coproduced and directed a few episodes.

When “Boy Meets World” ended, Savage attended Stanford University and earned a bachelor’s degree in political science. She was a straight-A student and classmate of Cory. The two dated for years and got married during season seven.

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Brings back memories when this tv show was airing on “TGIF,” great times during my childhood while watching this series. Now owning this makes me so happy.

What was ’90s television without Boy Meets World? It’s been 15 years since Cory, Topanga, Shawn, and all the other characters you laughed, cried, and grew up with have been on the air, yet the show remains a favorite—enough so that the Disney Channel even created the spin-off Girl Meets World last year, bringing most of the storylines even Shawn’s girlfriend, Angela!

But what else have the beloved cast members been up to? Find out, ahead. Before that, he had some one-off roles in TV shows like Bones and Criminal Minds and small time movies. As you can see, his face has retained its boyish charm he’s 35, by the way. Cory’s longtime love Topanga is also very much alive in with Fishel reprising her role on Girl Meets World as mom to her and Cory’s daughter, Riley.

She didn’t do much work outside of short-lived, now forgotten TV shows and independent films. Side note: her hair is still fabulous. Post- Boy Meets World , the actor graduated from Columbia University, got an MFA in fiction and literature, then wrote short stories and poems that got published in literary journals! So he’s legit. He writes and directs films alongside his brother Shiloh in a production company called Strong Brothers Magic Show.

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For adults of a certain age — looking at you, Millennials — there’s no more of a universal cultural touchstone than Boy Meets World. Ben Savage starred as Cory Matthews, a regular if mischievous and hyperactive Philadelphia junior high student, who runs around with BFF Shawn Hunter Rider Strong , avoids bullies, and resists the gruff support of his teacher, the beloved Mr.

Feeny William Daniels. As the series progresses, Cory and Shawn move up to high school and beyond, experiencing “very special episode” types of problems i. Here are some less-than-sunny events from behind the scenes of Boy Meets World.

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The show chronicles the everyday events and life-lessons of Cory Matthews Ben Savage. They do not care about schoolwork, despite the efforts of their longtime teacher George Feeny William Daniels. Initially, their main interest is sports, though later Shawn and then Cory begin to express an interest in girls. This season focuses specifically on Cory’s relationships with the other characters in the show. He begins to understand his parents more and respect them for all that they do.

His relationship with his elder brother Eric Will Friedle becomes confusing as Eric’s constant obsession with girls is foreign to Cory, and he becomes more protective of his younger sister Morgan Lily Nicksay from this season through the end of the second season. Cory begins to show interest in Topanga Danielle Fishel , a smart outsider in his class, though he often hides this by insulting and berating her.

Cory and Topanga have known each other since they were kids, making romance in their relationship even more predictable. Cory and Shawn’s friendship is tested for the first time, and Cory must often choose between doing what Shawn wants him to do and doing what is best for their friendship. Although they initially view Mr. Turner as cool, they soon realize that he is a teacher above all else, which earns him the nickname “Feeny with an earring” from Cory.

Boy Meets World

Since then the wholesome series about a boy enduring the trials of adolescence has become essential viewing for kids and adults alike. Feeny William Daniels. It took several seasons for the show to noticeably click with audiences, but it eventually became a staple in ABC’s legendary TGIF lineup. After a successful seven-season run that gave us the infamous Feeny Call and one of the greatest bromances of all time Corey and Shawn forever!

And it’s crossover with Boy Meets World. level 1. [deleted]. 6 points · 1 year ago. This vapid piece of trashy shit is one of the reasons that stay-at-home slugs don’t​.

Boy Meets World is one of the most beloved TV shows of the ’90s. Just ask any millennial about Cory and Topanga’s memorable relationship, Shawn’s iconic hair style, or Eric’s unforgettable Feeny call and you’re sure to get a complete account of the series. The show follows these characters — plus their friends , families, and even their teachers — through all the tough times as they grow up.

When she and Cory are preparing for a class project in the Season 1 episode ” Cory’s Alternative Friends ,” she prepares a presentation for them, complete with spoken word poetry, interpretive movements, and lipstick all over her face. She’s completely different from Cory, but that’s part of her charm. But later on, her personality suddenly changes. She drops the hippie persona and focuses much more on her education and her impressive academic accomplishments.

Maybe her personality changes because, over the years, she grows up and the character’s interests shift. Or maybe the change is due more to the fact that the Boy Meets World writers might have wanted to make Topanga less of a foil character to Cory and Shawn and more of a traditional love interest for Cory. It’s unclear if this change is meant to display another side to Eric or if the change was done simply for the show to have more opportunities for wacky jokes.

The change is drastic, but it fortunately fits well with the show’s pace in later seasons. In the beginning, a more mischievous but knowledgeable older brother made sense for Cory’s story and character development, but later on, a goofy, comical character is probably just what the show needed. At the beginning of the series, Morgan is a quirky, clever young girl played by Lily Nicksay now Lily Gibson , but the character undergoes a big change after Season 2.

That’s when Nicksay was replaced with a different child actress, Lindsay Ridgeway.

Dark secrets of the cast of Boy Meets World

It’s been more than a decade and a half since we waved goodbye to Cory Matthews and his friends in the coming-of-age ’90s classic Boy Meets World , which taught us everything from how to have an epic bromance to how to rock a killer curtain haircut. In fact, it’s been so long since the show ended that Cory and Topanga’s kid is now going through all the same teenage struggles in Girl Meets World , featuring many of the cast that we knew and loved.

So, aside from that show, of course, what have the original’s gang been up to since the show ended in ? Ben Savage Cory.

It’s obviously no coincidence that the show also served as an enlightening parallel to our own frustrating, confusing, and angst-filled journeys in.

It’s been a long time since they graduated from John Adams High, so it’s only fitting for the gang from “Boy Meets World” to have a class reunion. And that’s just what they had at Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle Thursday — and they even brought along their beloved history teacher-turned-principal. Fishel, who’s expecting her first child later this year , shared a sweet shot of the group at the event, and wrote, “Dream. Do Cons” in the caption — a riff on Feeny’s famous advice, “Dream. Do good.

Friedle shared the same pic with his followers , adding the simple hashtag ” family. While this isn’t the first time the core-four cast members have gotten together for a reunion, it is unusual for year-old Daniels to join them.

‘Boy Meets World’ turns 25: Ranking all 158 episodes

Do good. By the time Daniels took on the role of the iconic middle school teacher, he was already a distinguished veteran of the stage and screen, most notably for his Emmy-award winning tenure as Dr. Mark Craig on St. Now years-old, the Brooklyn-born star still does some occasional acting — including five episodes of the Boy Meets World reboot Girl Meets World from to — and makes appearances at fan expos for the show. Long before he was doling out quotable advice to the next generation, Daniels had been a performer, starting in the s as part of a brother-and-sister act.

That said, he eventually came to embrace the profession and discovered that he did have a passion for acting and pursued theater in the New York area.

Teen dream Rider Strong hated his Boy Meets World haircut The two later hit the town for a date at a taping of a Céline Dion Christmas “At a meeting with the show’s author and executive producer, Michael Jacobs.

That led to a successful spinoff, “Girl Meets World” that grabbed headlines a few years ago. Still, we all know those original episodes are the ones that stick with us, from Cory and Shawn’s antics, Eric’s humor, Mr. Feeny’s life lessons and a love for the ages. We admit, ranking all episodes of any series seems crazy. But as Eric and Cory once said — “Life’s tough. Get a helmet. More coverage: Fun facts about the cast 25 actors who appeared on “Boy Meets World”.

Dan Watson. Turnaround Season 2, Episode But they went to some weird places in the meantime.

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